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    Golden circle tour

    kr 107.500

    The golden circle tour is a classic drive that begins with a visit to Thingvellir, a National Park and site of the World’s oldest parliament. Thingvellir National park is on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2004. The entrance to Thingvellir is a walk through the Almannagjá gorge, visible evidence of plate tectonic activity on […]

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    Round tour of our incredible island The fantastic Iceland is available for a round tour which spans 5 to 12 days all year long. Total of 1,400 kilometers round road takes you to unbelievable sightseeing places like waterfalls, sea cliffs, charming towns and more. Enjoy Iceland´s tranquility and silence in the country side while you […]

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    kr 157.500

    Jökulsárlón glacial lake is a unique natural place not to be missed on your journey in Iceland. Ice floe from a nearby glacier float in the lake and you have the option of seeing them close up on a boat trip. Best is to leave Reykjavik early morning, this is a long day driving along […]

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    Historic saga tour

    kr 105.000

    The historic saga tour takes you to the area of Borgarfjörður and the west part of Iceland. Here you can experience the Icelandic saga of Egill Skallagrimsson and others great Icelandic saga´s. When these man were settling here times were different. Europa’s largest hot spring Deildartunguhver. (flow 180 l/sec, 97°c) Here you really have to […]

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    Reykjanes Peninsula is a unique place in Iceland and offers many fantastic nature spots to visit such as hot springs, mountains and it can include a visit and bathing in the world renowned blue lagoon. The Reykjanes peninsula and it´s lunar like landscape is something that will leave no one untouched. Here you have the […]

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    Airport service

    kr 21.500

    From the International Airport Leifstöd to down town Reykjavík is approximately 50 km. What is more comfortable after your flight then having a private transport to your hotel. We also take you to the airport from your hotel in Reykjavik. Travel in comfort and save valuable time.

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    Blue lagoon

    kr 46.000

    The Blue lagoon geothermal spa is something you should not miss on your visit to Iceland. The geothermal seawater originates 2000 meter/6562 ft beneath the ground where it is heated by earth’s natural forces. In the lagoon the water’s temperature is 37-39°C / 98-102°F, so it´s absolutely the perfect temperature to soak and revitalise in […]

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    Welcome to Reykjavik or smokey bay. Reykjavík City sightseeing is a welcome experience to your visit to Iceland. Have a professional guide show you the landmarks in the capital. There are many Many museums, colourful architecture and staggering mountain views, just to name a few of the wonderful things Reykjavik has to offer you. Reykjavik […]