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Borgarfjordur eystri
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The fantastic Iceland is available for a round tour from 5 til 12 days all year long. Total of 1,400 kilometers round road takes you to unbelievable sightseeing places like waterfalls, sea cliffs, charming towns and more. Enjoy Iceland´s tranquility and silence in the country side while you marvel the beauty of the landscape.
From the west fjord to the east fjord or from the north to the south it is difficult to recognize that you are still in the same country you started your tour in. Every few minutes the landscape changes from the black beach of the south to the great mountains of the east and amazing glaciers. The north is beautiful in it´s own way with wast farmland and interesting fishing town near the ocean but the exiting mountain roads that take you on top of Iceland are never far away. In the west fjords you can almost feel why this country has inspired famous writers and poets. The fjords are a demanding region when you travel up and down the mountains and the you come into a spot that is like it has been lost in time, it definitely feels like time behaves differently there.
The south of Iceland is the most traveled place in Iceland. There you find many activities and awesome things to do as well as the normal sightseeing tours. We combine the two or just do it like you want. Iceland has so much to offer, everywhere you go there is something to see and feel. With your Eyes, Nose or touch it is all so magnificent.

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