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Reynisfjara is a beach by the west side of Reynisfjall.
Down by the ocean there is a cave and if you look up you might see Puffins and Fulmar flying around, the black sand beach is mesmerizing but be careful as the waves of the north Atlantic ocean can be dangerous.


Dyrhólaey is an island nearby Vík í Mýrdal.
A nesting place for cliff birds like the Arctic Tern and Puffin. The island is closed when the birds nest but bring your binocular and watch from distance. A enjoyable hike to the top and breathtaking view could leave you with everlasting mental memory of Iceland.


Seljalandsfoss (Waterfall on the way into Þórsmörk comes from Eyjafjall)
Falls from the mountain creating a shower like waterfall and it is possible to walk behind it but keep in mind you might get sprayed alittle by the waterfall.


This waterfall is located near the end of Þjórsá. It has the highest volume of any waterfall in Iceland. Urriðafoss (trout waterfall) is easy to miss on the south coast tour as the turn is in the end of Þjorsá river bridge.